Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011: The Year of Process and Product!

Hello dear readers and fellow fiberphiles,

I have been a very bad blogger… a very bad one indeed.  It’s been ages since my last blog post, and I fear that my already meager readership has suffered (I don’t think any one really reads this, but I don’t do this to be read… or to become famous… I do it merely as a way to keep track of all my thoughts, processes, and of course… my failures!)

My Queue, and my stash have both managed to beef up in my nearly two months of going dark here on Blogger.  It seems that I have fallen off the proverbial wagon in terms of my goals and resolutions.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been a very busy little boy with the major holidays and the multitude of knitting that I’ve been trying (so desperately trying…) to accomplish.  Sadly, I don’t have much to show.  A smattering of small projects here and there…  but my major projects have fallen by the wayside.  My v-neck Cardigan, has had quite a few setbacks… making it extremely late for the holidays… and it looks like it won’t be completed until mid to late January (I am NEVER making a striped anything ever again!)

I am seriously contemplating ripping out my 22 Leaves Shawlette as I have come to realize that I am not in love with the finished piece and really don’t know anyone who I could give it to… at least not anyone who I seriously think would wear it… so it may just get ripped out… or I could have it sit there another few months till I get around to actually finishing clue 5.

My Clapotis has been collecting major dust. It hasn’t been touched in FOREVER….

I am proud to say, however, that I have joined the 12 in 2011 group on Ravelry, and hope to accomplish 12 projects in my queue (things that I already have yarn for in my stash, of course!) 

So, as this will most likely be my last entry for 2010… I’ve decided to list out my resolutions:

1. Maintain my yarn stash to take up no more than 2 large tubs (still a pretty sizable amount, but enough to keep me from feeling like a n00b knitter)
2. Finish all 12 of my 12 in 2011 projects (technically there are 15 items on the list, I’d like to finish just 12, but all 15 would be awesome.)
3. Lose 15 lbs
4. Decrease my fabric stash to fit in one under-bed tub (if you think my yarn stash is ridiculous, my fabric stash is worse… a yard or 2 of Fabric is sooooo much more inexpensive than a ball of yarn!)

I think these will keep me busy for most of the year. 

A lot of the projects that I completed this year have really taught me a few things about myself.  I’ve really come to the conclusion that I am more of a product knitter versus a process knitter.  I am very invested in how the final product will turn out, albeit I do experience a great deal of satisfaction from the actual act of knitting (process!), nothing gives me more pleasure than blocking/finishing an item then wearing out!  Knowing this about myself, I did notice a lot of foibles in how I knit.  Gauge is one of them.  I need to be a bit more diligent with measuring gauges, and blocking swatches.  A big reason why I love knitting lace and small accessories is the fact that gauge is negligible.  Can’t really do that with garments.  So my queue for next year is pretty garment heavy. No more rush rush rush through a project.  Slow and steady at the beginning, then a mad dash for the finish (no cutting corners, though!).  So my number 5 resolution really is to hone my skills as a knitter, and to take it much more seriously. It looks like 2011 is the year of process (Resolution number 5!) AND the year of product (resolution number 2!)

We’ll see what the New Year brings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a lazy knitter being duddy...

Hmmm... I've been a very bad boy... This past Saturday, I went to the Southern California Hand Weavers Guild's Annual Fiber Festival in Torrance... boy was it interesting.  I was surprised to see lots and lots of vendors selling EVERYTHING you could possibly think of.  I ended up with 2 knitting kits from the Knitter's Brewing Company (an online shop I had been net-stalking for a while... so now I have 2 additional projects!) and a binder of projects from Fickle Knitter Studios (another designer I've been Rav-stalking!)

I was a little disappointed to not see more looms... I could have easily been persuaded to buy one!  Alas... it is all quiet on the knitting front.  I've been doing a lot of small projects and havn't started on ANYTHING big.  I'm really beginning to think I won't be able to start on anything until after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  I just want to finish up the small projects I have going before starting on my either my sweaters, or the many vests (I realized I had purchased enough yarn to make 3 vests on 3 separate occassions... WTF is wrong with me!?)

Alas... I'm drowning in yarn.  LITERALLY.

I think I'm just going to gear up and make stuff for Christmas presents for the time being (even though I said I wouldn't!)  Beanies and Scarves are going to go all around for my neices and nephews!  I'm also going to start gearing up to make some special little goodies for my knitting friends... I guess they'll just have to see what I've been up to closer to Christmas!

I do want to finish that damn 22 Leaves Shawlette... I finished Clue4 this past weekend... maybe I can get my ass in gear and finish clue 5 by the end of the month?  I just lost sooooo much momentum on this project.  It's sad... it's too pretty to just sit on the needles!

I did start another scarf this past Sunday... it's another design by Liz Abinante (Love her stuff!  I made her Saroyan scarf too, and will hopefully make the Travelling Woman shawlette sooner or later too!)  The scarf pattern is called Objects In Space, and it's basically worked in the round in stockinette (brainless knitting!) then partiall bound off and the rest of the stitches are just dropped.  The dropped stitches are cut evenly and it turns into a fringe!  The fringes edges are held tight by two columns of ktbl.  I can't wait to finish it... It's going to be wrap size if the 4 balls of yarn can take me there!

So alas... no real big news... just a lazy knitter being duddy...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Especially blue yarn....

So... again... I've been making itty bitty side projects and have not worked on my big stuff.... I'm currently working on ANOTHER (Number 4!) Lavalette... this one is going to be donated to my friend Michelle's Daughter's School for a silent auction.  I'm hoping to finish it by this Sunday... but don't hold your breath!

So I've been doing A LOT of work on teaching workshops at AKAN (Abuelita's Knitting and Needlepoint).  Will be putting together a magic loop workshop to make some uber cute pumpkins (Pictures to follow!)  As well as an introduction to fair-isle (EEEK!) as a supplementary course for our less experienced knitters in our Seasonal Knitalong.  I've never taught a colorwork class yet... as my double-knitting class was kind of a bust (nobody signed up...).  I'm hoping the fair-isle class will change that and maybe it'll drum up more interest!  I think I'm going to make a double knitted scarf to get more people excited about it.

Great... another project to distract me....

Alas... my Clapotis... is STILL in the increasing portion.... I haven't dropped a single stitch yet!  Hopefully soon.  I havn't started either of my sweaters... and the long queue of vests, and other projects have gone un-touched yet another month.  I need to get my act together.  I've barely touched my lankakomero mystery knitalong (I still have not finished chart 4!) 

I've been really distracted lately... hopefull I can get out of my knitting funk... I guess I'm having a lot of trouble really just focusing on one project.  I've also started knitting a pair of striped wrist warmers as part of the transitional knitalong for the shop.  These I don't feel so bad about.  I've been wearing the shop samples so much... I've stretched them out a little... LOL...

I've also noticed that all of my projects lately have been BLUE... or have a lot of blue shades in it.   I've become a freakin' monochromatic knitter!  WTF?!  So I've decided that I am no longer allowed to buy yarn in ANY shades of Blue... none... well... at least until I've finished a few of my Queue projects or WIPs.    I'm not allowed to buy any more yarn, period.  ESPECIALLY blue yarn.

Monday, October 18, 2010

All quiet on the knitting front... for now!

So it took me a while to post photos... but photos are up on my flickr pool of the classic socks... I love them! 

Classic Socks off FeetThese took FOREVER to make, but I'm happy with the way they turned out.  It was the first time that I ever made a pair of socks on one long circular needle and I  have to admit... it's WAY easier than it looks... and feels far less complicated than the 2 socks on 2 circulars...   I think I just like the way  Melissa Morgan Oakes wrote the instructions.

The Pattern is Classic Socks from her 2 at a Time Socks book (GREAT BOOK!), I'm debating about buying here Toe-up sequel as I've come to conclusion that socks are not something I like to knit on a regular basis.  It feels like a lot of effort for such little payout... albeit... my hand knit socks last WAY longer than any of my store bought ones!

Cozy SlippersI've also finished the Cozy Slipper Knitalong from the shop... I LOVE the knitalongs... it brings people working on a common project together... and I must say... the slippers are quite cute!

Still plugging away on my Clapotis... not really picking it up all that often, but I know it's there waiting for me to work on it.

I lost SOOOOOO much steam on the lankakomero 22 Leaves Knitalong!  I'm about halfway through clue 4... and I haven't picked it up since!  I'll definitely have to finish by the end of the month... it's just ridiculous how I've let it fall to the wayside (I haven't picked it up since September!)

I started on the feet eaters slippers... those are driving me CRAZY!  My gauge has been off off off with project and now that I'm making things completely to gauge, the parts are turning out too big or too small!  I might just frog this project and make a felted bag... we'll see.

I've also started Needlepointing... I chose a 13 mesh canvas portraying a Scottish Terrier and a Tiffany Box...   I feel so domestic when I work on it... I'll post pictures when I have time!

The sweaters are currently on standby... along with the rest of the projects I wanted to start this month.... we'll see how things go.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So much for destashing...

So, I finished my socks last Friday... and what's the first thing I do?  Go into the shop and buy yarn for my cobblestone... along with the yarn for a V-Neck Cardigan... and the yarn for some Feet-Eaters Slippers... Well to be honest... I bought the Feet-Eaters yarn with Betty the weekend before... but that's beside the freakin' point!  here I am destashing... and what do I do the first chance I get?  Build up my stash!

I've been really lax in the taking pictures department... I promise to edit this post to add pics at the bottom when I can.

So I finally got my madelinetosh vintage in Ink... but being the scaredy cat that I am I decided to work on another project before diving into the good stuff.  So I'll also be starting the V Neck cardigan from Boy Meets Purl... using Berroco Vintage (LOL We'll see how she goes!) 

Still working on that Clapotis... I actually havn't picked it up in over a week... sometimes it feels like all I've been doing is knitting... it's weird... and crazy... and fun... all at once.  I've also joined a knitalong sponsored by the shop... We're making these cute little pompom slippers from "The Knitter's Year" book by Debbie Bliss.  I'm beginning to think I've bitten off more than I can chew with all of these projects!

So things I want to Start/Finish this month:
  • V-Neck Cardigan
  • Cobblestone Sweater
  • Feet-Eaters Slippers
  • Bridgewater Wrap
  • Knitter's Year Slippers
  • Clapotis
So that's it... no more buying yarn for the rest of the year... unless it's on sale... LOL

I like choosing these big projects... they take longer to make, but they're so much more rewarding in the end.  As for my monthly goal... I think playing it by ear should be more my speed right now... I have far too much yarn and far too many projects to be thinking about finishing them up by a deadline...  I will of course be documenting everything a little better....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sooooo... Yeah... didn't make it...

I've been lax in my goal... I totally died last night and past out in the middle of my socks.

Alas... I did not make my goal.... I plan to finish the socks soon- and will be buying the yarn for the Cobblestone Sweater as soon as I do... so I'm totally bummed I didn't make it... I have about an inch left for the feet and then I begin the toe decreases. I'm hoping to be done by Sunday... so I can buy the yarn already... (If I do finish by then, it's still pretty close to my goal... so we'll see!)

Other things I'm working on- the Magic Yarn Ball Swap... It's the 3rd time I'll be participating and I've had such a blast each time.  My partner is definitely going to LOVE the yummy yarn I chose for her!  I started Lankakomero's knitalong but lost steam after the weekend it started (I was toe to toe with those Finnish knitters!)... I have yet to finish.  My Clapotis is still in it's infant stages as I picked up the Lavalette for Emily.  So I have quite a few projects in the works.  We'll see how everything turns out, eh?

Also doing a bit more stash-busting as I found a fair bit of cheap cotton yarn hiding with the good stuff... Totally planning on making an Everlasting Bagstopper Bag from Knitty It'll be the Frankenstein monster equivalent... as I have like 5 different colored yarns... but we'll see. Upcoming this month, I'll also be starting the Bridgewater wrap by Jared Flood- using some yummy yummy madelinetosh prairie yarn!  I ended up having to hunt down an additional skein online to make sure I had enough yarn. for it... It's going to be one of my most formidable projects so far!

I think I'm ging to keep trying to stick to my goal of 4 projects a month... it keeps me focused pretty well.  I'm going to have to make up some rules of course... I like the idea of  actually counting how many yards of yarn I end up using instead... this way... all of the little side projects don't end up hindering me (like it did this month!)  A goal of say 1600 yards a month?  Or would that be pushing it - it's equivalent to about 4 skeins of sock yarn so it's fairly close to 4 projects...  We'll see... I'll cobble together some rules and work it out soon...

On a non-yarn related note... I'll be going to Knott's Halloween Haunt tomorrow night with my buddies... I'm definitely not going to wear any of my hand-knit stuff... especially with my penchant for losing things... I plan on not being able to talk on Sunday... I'm a screamer... LOL

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay... so I'm calling in a pinch hitter!

Instead of one the classic socks or the clapotis... I finished another Lavalette for Emily's birthday!

What can I say... I like being flexible.

Technically this is Lavalette number 3 for me to make... and since I couldn't decide what to get Emily for her birthday I decided to make her this:

Emily's Lavalette
It's something she's been wanting to make or herself but hasn't had the time to make so I decided to surprise her.  Let's just say there was screaming and all around OMG's when she opened it!

So, alas, I have to finish 1 more project for my for by October goal and I have 2 and a half days to do it!  Please wish me luck... I'm going to need it.

If I don't end up making it... I've decided that I still want to buy the yarn for my sweater, I just will not allow myself to do it until I finish both the socks, and the Clapotis.

Quick update on the knitalong... we have gotten together and have decided that the Hoarfrost Moebius pattern is a crock!  Not a true moebius! Who the hell grafts a cowl with a half twists and calls it a moebius?  We've decided to abandon the pattern and look for something else... anyone know what we can do with 2 cones of Lion Brand Wool Stainless Steel?  I'm seriously considering channeling Phillip Treacy and coming out with a funky hat... I could always just make another Kusha Kusha...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

These side projects are killing me!

I've made little to now headway on the socks or the clapotis since my last post... but I've been busy knitting other things (things that are TOTALLY detracting from my 4 by October Goal!) 

Simple Cable CowlLast week, I designed, cast on, finished, blocked and photographed the cabled cowl pattern I will be teaching for the Beginner's Cabling Class at AKAN (Abuelita's Knitting and Needlepoint) this Saturday.  The pattern is free upon request with the purchase of any super bulky weight yarn, or is available for purchase on Ravelry for $2.00.

The idea behind this project was to create a very simple, very quick, non-threatening cable pattern that would be clear and concise for those who are not only new to cables, but are possibly new to knitting in general.
So aside from the preparation work for my upcoming cable class, which I'm sooooo excited about (it's my first project based workshop!), I was recently asked to make another Chiko hat from Jane Ellison's Noro: Men booklet. 

The Hat was made for the owner of AKAN... it was a breeze to make as it was my second one, made out of the same yarn I made the first one out of (Noro Furisode is AMAZING!  The way it looks hanked up is NOTHING compared to the way it looks when it's knitted up)

Chiko for Abuelita - EditedSo I've just been a busy little knitter the past couple of days... working on things that don't really have anything to do with my 4 by October goal... *sigh*  What's a boy to do?

The socks are driving me a little batty... the stitches are so small... and it takes me forever to do a full round... I'm also beginning to suspect that I may run out of yarn so phooey, they may just turn into an awesome pair of toeless yoga socks... we'll see how far the yarn gets me... I really don't want to buy another ball just for the toes... I can possibly just pull from my stash of leftover yarn... but it'll be a little hard to match.... we'll see.  Off to do some more knitting!


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Month is halfway over...

I've finished, blocked the Saroyan scarf!  Which means 2 down, and 2 more to go for my 4 by October goal, which is perfect timing because the month is almost halfway over!  I've also begun my Clapotis and I do think that it is coming out very sharp looking!

 I have to admit, it looks pretty snazzy... and it makes a nice warm scarf as well as shawlette to cover a lucky girl's shoulders!  It's going into what I call my Gift Stash, which is basically a bunch of FO's that I took on for the challenge or due to boredom.  It'll probably be given away during Christmas!

As I already mentioned, I started the Clapotis as well... finally using that rainbow ball of Color Changing Cotton that I purchased on Etsy from Wolle's Yarn Creations (it's AMAZING... the colors are so vibrant... I can't wait to finish and wear it.  I'm also almost finished with the foot decreases on my classic socks.

Quick update on the KAL... It looks like we have set a date for the beginning of the Hoarfrost Moebius... we're just waiting on one of our buddies to confirm availability!  I've also agreed to knit the Stefane sweater from the Berocco Vintage book with another buddy... Just a quick glance at the sweater, I'm sure I can get away with just making a Women's large for me... we'll see.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four by October Status Update... or Does Destashing Count?

I began the 4 by October goal as a way to force myself to destash... I realized that my yarn stash had gotten to ridiculous proportions (4 of those 25 gallon tubs- ridiculous considering I don't have storage outside of my bedroom!).  So I had a fit of mania on Friday night to Saturday morning (brought on by an awful awful date... meeting people online is ridiculous- but let's leave my corpse of a love life out of it!)...  I ended up opening every single tub and sorting EVERYTHING...

I've managed to sort out a bunch of stuff and will either be donating, giving, or selling the yarn I don't plan to use.  I did realize a lot of things about my shopping habits... most of the high quality yarn were single skeins... most of which I remember falling in love with and feeling bad that they're all alone so I bought them!  Of course there were also ridiculous amounts of project quantity yarn (good reason for me to stick with my 4 by October goal!)  So I put away all of the stuff I'm willing to keep... and I've managed to bring 4 tubs to 1.5 Tubs!

As of now, I'm not going to amend any rules in my 4 by October goal.   I'm almost finished with the Saroyan Scarf, and have begun decreasing for the foot on the Classic socks.  Need to get my butt in gear to start and finish either the Hoarfrost or the Clapotis (I'm thinking it's the Clapotis... by buddies who want to do the Hoarfrost as a knitalong have been MIA.)

Now that I've gotten my yarn stash under control, it's time to figure out what to do with my fabric stash... I'm thinking knitting project box bags for everyone for Christmas... we'll see.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've been a bad little boy....

My 4 by October has slown to a standstill!

Okay… maybe not a standstill… but I feel that I’ve lost some sort of momentum…. And I’ve been a baaaad little boy in terms of destashing…

In the last 24 hours I’ve purchased 3 hanks of yarn over the internet… 1 hank from Etsy through Sarah Brown Designs… she has a line of yarn called the Bloodlust series all inspired by True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris (I’m a BIG fan of both… still have to read the last book that came out!)  She had a skein of sock yarn inspired by the character Quinn… one of Sookie’s upcoming Beau’s (for those of you who watch the show but don’t read the books!).  He is basically my favorite of Sookie’s non-vampire lovers… (SPOILERS! EEEK!) and he’s a weretiger… So the yarn is orange and black, natch!  With Halloween coming up, I definitely couldn’t resist!

The second hank is a hank of 80/20 Twin  from Wollmeise… I’ve been hearing nothing but good stuff about this yarn and the loopy ewe NEVER has anything in stock… so I scoured the Ravelry Destash and For Sale Boards till I found one that I could bear to purchase (at $30 a skein retail… this better be some buttery-yum yarn!)  I found a nice Red to orange colorway (colors I don’t normally wear… but I want to branch out my color palette… so oh well.) Apparently people are going nuts over this yarn… and I guess I just wanted to see what all the freakin’ fuss is about!

The third is a hank of madelinetosh Prairie in the shoreline colorway.  I recently purchased 2 skeins of this yarn at Abuelita’s and I realized that I need about 200 more yards to make the Bridgewater wrap pattern from Jared Flood’s Made in Brooklyn pattern book from Classic Elite yarns.  *sigh*  what’s a willful boy like me to do?

So it’s 2 steps forward when I finished the Springtime Bandit Last week (I've even worn it out on a night of debauchery already! see below)… and like 5 steps back over the course of the past 24 hours!

Last night I came to realize that I really needed to work on my sample for the cable workshop I would be teaching at Abuelita’s on the 18th of this month.  So I spent last night fiddling with a simple cable pattern that will work as a solid foundation for this scarf… we’ll see how it all goes!  I’ve definitely settled on an easy cowl pattern.

Sadly… the recent buying binge, and the work on the sample has put all my 4 by October projects on hold…  Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to work on some knitting this upcoming long weekend.

We're pretty warm and toasty by this part of the night... sorry for the
The old college gang

Saturday, August 28, 2010

1 Down, 4 (or 5!) to go!

So... I've finished one of my 4 by October projects... Ladies and Gentlemen... I am proud to present my take on the Springtime Bandit designed by Kate Gagnon Osborne for Kelbourne Woolens:

Empress Wu Zhao Is A Springtime Bandit

I have to say this was an amazing and easy lace pattern... if you're good at reading your knitting it'll be a breeze.  The yarn is from Schaffer Yarn Company, and it's called Laurel- 100% Mercerized Cotton.  The Colorway is Empress Wu Zhao.  I love this colorway, and I'm sooooo glad I scooped it up- it was the last one at the shop!

The pattern is super simple, and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to start with lace knitting.  The body of the piece is not as "holey" as other lace patterns, but it's definitely a great intro to lace, especially the edging.  Don't be fooled when you finish knitting the 4 body repeats, the edging will take up almost half of the yarn. I distinctly remember sitting there and trying to decide whether I wanted to do a 5th repeat, but decided otherwise as my yardage is equal to that of the yarn originally called for.

Since it's 100% cotton, the piece is not as drapy as I would like, but I believe it will soften up a lot the more I use and wash it... I think eventually it'll turn into one of those accessories I just toss on to complete an outfit...

I currently have 3 projects to go, the Classic Socks, the Saroyan Scarf (I cast on earlier this week!), and the Hoarfrost Moebius (It's technically a knitalong with a couple of friends, so depending on when we start, I may have to choose a different project).  The Clapotis may be it...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My “4 By October” Goal…

So I have come to the crazy conclusion that I have way too much yarn, and way too many things in my queue… and that I feel that I’ve lost a lot of momentum in terms of making things this year. At one point I was churning out a project a week… albeit they were small, simple and didn’t take a lot of seaming. Seeing as the winter is fast approaching… I want to make myself a sweater (if you’re looking at my attempt for a sweater on Ravelry… I have yet to block it… but unblocked… it’s too small, I think.)
I’ve decided that I need to come up with a new goal… 4 projects to be finished by the end of September. 2 are already underway… The Springtime Bandit, and a pair of socks. These 2 projects recently fell by the wayside due to a series of unfortunate events, but I believe it’s time to pick them up again. Upcoming projects may be the new Hoarfrost Moebius from the newest Interweave magazine, I love a good stainless steel yarn! Another project is the Saroyan scarf I have in my queue. Depending on how quickly these go, I may be adding a fifth project… the elusive Clapotis… a project I’ve dreamt of making for ages, but have yet to even cast on for!
I have 5 weeks to finish 4 (or 5!) projects… we’ll see if I can keep my sanity!

If I do finish them within my timeframe, I’ll be treating myself to a sweaters worth of MadelineTosh! I’ve been eyeballing the Cobblestone Pullover by Jared flood and will be rewarding myself with 8 skeins of MadelineTosh Vintage in the Ink colorway as a Christmas sweater. Now, I cannot purchase the yarn before I finish, and will not be having it set aside… so if it sells out before I can finish… I’ll have that little tidbit hanging over my head. Will I be able to make my goal, will the MadTosh be gone before I even finish!? Tune in… and find out.

a.k.a. DeceptiveCookie

Monday, August 23, 2010

My first blog post...

So here goes post number one…

My name is Chester… I have lived in Southern California for all 26 years of my life… Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’ve moved around a bit (mostly in L.A. suburbs) but have found my way back to L.A. Proper.

I have been knitting for over 7 years now… and little did I know that 7 years ago that I had stumbled across a hobby that I would love so much.  It’s rare to find me not knitting… and when you do find me not knitting, you’ll find me crocheting (not too likely, I prefer to knit!), sewing (more likely), or even spinning my own yarn (even more likely!).

To this day, I remember the first time I picked up the needles…. I was 19… and setting out to make a scarf for the man… well, “boy” really… I loved. Working from a skein of Red Heart Super Saver in a variegated white and green (his favorite color), and red size 8 Aluminum Needles by Susan Bates. It was scratchy, and the color pooling made it look like a 60’s Ombre throwback, but the moment he saw the finished product, I knew I was hooked. Not only because of the therapeutic calm that would overtake me when I was working on the scarf, but just from the look on his face… the “oh my god, you made this?” scrutiny paired with the amazed “this is for me?” expression. I’ve been addicted ever since. The relationship between this man (boy), has long since fizzled out… but my obsession and passion for knitting has been burning brighter than ever. Although knitting is often seen as antiquated, and a female oriented activity; it has become one of the most fulfilling parts of my identity as a man, a man who knits for himself and those he loves.

So let’s get rolling, and we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

- Chester
a.k.a. DeceptiveCookie