Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four by October Status Update... or Does Destashing Count?

I began the 4 by October goal as a way to force myself to destash... I realized that my yarn stash had gotten to ridiculous proportions (4 of those 25 gallon tubs- ridiculous considering I don't have storage outside of my bedroom!).  So I had a fit of mania on Friday night to Saturday morning (brought on by an awful awful date... meeting people online is ridiculous- but let's leave my corpse of a love life out of it!)...  I ended up opening every single tub and sorting EVERYTHING...

I've managed to sort out a bunch of stuff and will either be donating, giving, or selling the yarn I don't plan to use.  I did realize a lot of things about my shopping habits... most of the high quality yarn were single skeins... most of which I remember falling in love with and feeling bad that they're all alone so I bought them!  Of course there were also ridiculous amounts of project quantity yarn (good reason for me to stick with my 4 by October goal!)  So I put away all of the stuff I'm willing to keep... and I've managed to bring 4 tubs to 1.5 Tubs!

As of now, I'm not going to amend any rules in my 4 by October goal.   I'm almost finished with the Saroyan Scarf, and have begun decreasing for the foot on the Classic socks.  Need to get my butt in gear to start and finish either the Hoarfrost or the Clapotis (I'm thinking it's the Clapotis... by buddies who want to do the Hoarfrost as a knitalong have been MIA.)

Now that I've gotten my yarn stash under control, it's time to figure out what to do with my fabric stash... I'm thinking knitting project box bags for everyone for Christmas... we'll see.


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  1. hey, i'm not mia!!! here i am -- let's plan a start tonight!!!