Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a lazy knitter being duddy...

Hmmm... I've been a very bad boy... This past Saturday, I went to the Southern California Hand Weavers Guild's Annual Fiber Festival in Torrance... boy was it interesting.  I was surprised to see lots and lots of vendors selling EVERYTHING you could possibly think of.  I ended up with 2 knitting kits from the Knitter's Brewing Company (an online shop I had been net-stalking for a while... so now I have 2 additional projects!) and a binder of projects from Fickle Knitter Studios (another designer I've been Rav-stalking!)

I was a little disappointed to not see more looms... I could have easily been persuaded to buy one!  Alas... it is all quiet on the knitting front.  I've been doing a lot of small projects and havn't started on ANYTHING big.  I'm really beginning to think I won't be able to start on anything until after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  I just want to finish up the small projects I have going before starting on my either my sweaters, or the many vests (I realized I had purchased enough yarn to make 3 vests on 3 separate occassions... WTF is wrong with me!?)

Alas... I'm drowning in yarn.  LITERALLY.

I think I'm just going to gear up and make stuff for Christmas presents for the time being (even though I said I wouldn't!)  Beanies and Scarves are going to go all around for my neices and nephews!  I'm also going to start gearing up to make some special little goodies for my knitting friends... I guess they'll just have to see what I've been up to closer to Christmas!

I do want to finish that damn 22 Leaves Shawlette... I finished Clue4 this past weekend... maybe I can get my ass in gear and finish clue 5 by the end of the month?  I just lost sooooo much momentum on this project.  It's sad... it's too pretty to just sit on the needles!

I did start another scarf this past Sunday... it's another design by Liz Abinante (Love her stuff!  I made her Saroyan scarf too, and will hopefully make the Travelling Woman shawlette sooner or later too!)  The scarf pattern is called Objects In Space, and it's basically worked in the round in stockinette (brainless knitting!) then partiall bound off and the rest of the stitches are just dropped.  The dropped stitches are cut evenly and it turns into a fringe!  The fringes edges are held tight by two columns of ktbl.  I can't wait to finish it... It's going to be wrap size if the 4 balls of yarn can take me there!

So alas... no real big news... just a lazy knitter being duddy...

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