Friday, October 1, 2010

Sooooo... Yeah... didn't make it...

I've been lax in my goal... I totally died last night and past out in the middle of my socks.

Alas... I did not make my goal.... I plan to finish the socks soon- and will be buying the yarn for the Cobblestone Sweater as soon as I do... so I'm totally bummed I didn't make it... I have about an inch left for the feet and then I begin the toe decreases. I'm hoping to be done by Sunday... so I can buy the yarn already... (If I do finish by then, it's still pretty close to my goal... so we'll see!)

Other things I'm working on- the Magic Yarn Ball Swap... It's the 3rd time I'll be participating and I've had such a blast each time.  My partner is definitely going to LOVE the yummy yarn I chose for her!  I started Lankakomero's knitalong but lost steam after the weekend it started (I was toe to toe with those Finnish knitters!)... I have yet to finish.  My Clapotis is still in it's infant stages as I picked up the Lavalette for Emily.  So I have quite a few projects in the works.  We'll see how everything turns out, eh?

Also doing a bit more stash-busting as I found a fair bit of cheap cotton yarn hiding with the good stuff... Totally planning on making an Everlasting Bagstopper Bag from Knitty It'll be the Frankenstein monster equivalent... as I have like 5 different colored yarns... but we'll see. Upcoming this month, I'll also be starting the Bridgewater wrap by Jared Flood- using some yummy yummy madelinetosh prairie yarn!  I ended up having to hunt down an additional skein online to make sure I had enough yarn. for it... It's going to be one of my most formidable projects so far!

I think I'm ging to keep trying to stick to my goal of 4 projects a month... it keeps me focused pretty well.  I'm going to have to make up some rules of course... I like the idea of  actually counting how many yards of yarn I end up using instead... this way... all of the little side projects don't end up hindering me (like it did this month!)  A goal of say 1600 yards a month?  Or would that be pushing it - it's equivalent to about 4 skeins of sock yarn so it's fairly close to 4 projects...  We'll see... I'll cobble together some rules and work it out soon...

On a non-yarn related note... I'll be going to Knott's Halloween Haunt tomorrow night with my buddies... I'm definitely not going to wear any of my hand-knit stuff... especially with my penchant for losing things... I plan on not being able to talk on Sunday... I'm a screamer... LOL

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