Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So much for destashing...

So, I finished my socks last Friday... and what's the first thing I do?  Go into the shop and buy yarn for my cobblestone... along with the yarn for a V-Neck Cardigan... and the yarn for some Feet-Eaters Slippers... Well to be honest... I bought the Feet-Eaters yarn with Betty the weekend before... but that's beside the freakin' point!  here I am destashing... and what do I do the first chance I get?  Build up my stash!

I've been really lax in the taking pictures department... I promise to edit this post to add pics at the bottom when I can.

So I finally got my madelinetosh vintage in Ink... but being the scaredy cat that I am I decided to work on another project before diving into the good stuff.  So I'll also be starting the V Neck cardigan from Boy Meets Purl... using Berroco Vintage (LOL We'll see how she goes!) 

Still working on that Clapotis... I actually havn't picked it up in over a week... sometimes it feels like all I've been doing is knitting... it's weird... and crazy... and fun... all at once.  I've also joined a knitalong sponsored by the shop... We're making these cute little pompom slippers from "The Knitter's Year" book by Debbie Bliss.  I'm beginning to think I've bitten off more than I can chew with all of these projects!

So things I want to Start/Finish this month:
  • V-Neck Cardigan
  • Cobblestone Sweater
  • Feet-Eaters Slippers
  • Bridgewater Wrap
  • Knitter's Year Slippers
  • Clapotis
So that's it... no more buying yarn for the rest of the year... unless it's on sale... LOL

I like choosing these big projects... they take longer to make, but they're so much more rewarding in the end.  As for my monthly goal... I think playing it by ear should be more my speed right now... I have far too much yarn and far too many projects to be thinking about finishing them up by a deadline...  I will of course be documenting everything a little better....


  1. LOL! That is quite a list! i knew about the cobblestone but where is suddenly the 'v-neck' coming from???

  2. The V-Neck cardigan was chosen to use up some yarn that Betty bought me for a knitalong. We were planning on makeing the Stefane sweater from Berocco, but I decided it was a little too feminine for me to pull off so I went with a striped V-Neck Cardigan...