Saturday, August 28, 2010

1 Down, 4 (or 5!) to go!

So... I've finished one of my 4 by October projects... Ladies and Gentlemen... I am proud to present my take on the Springtime Bandit designed by Kate Gagnon Osborne for Kelbourne Woolens:

Empress Wu Zhao Is A Springtime Bandit

I have to say this was an amazing and easy lace pattern... if you're good at reading your knitting it'll be a breeze.  The yarn is from Schaffer Yarn Company, and it's called Laurel- 100% Mercerized Cotton.  The Colorway is Empress Wu Zhao.  I love this colorway, and I'm sooooo glad I scooped it up- it was the last one at the shop!

The pattern is super simple, and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to start with lace knitting.  The body of the piece is not as "holey" as other lace patterns, but it's definitely a great intro to lace, especially the edging.  Don't be fooled when you finish knitting the 4 body repeats, the edging will take up almost half of the yarn. I distinctly remember sitting there and trying to decide whether I wanted to do a 5th repeat, but decided otherwise as my yardage is equal to that of the yarn originally called for.

Since it's 100% cotton, the piece is not as drapy as I would like, but I believe it will soften up a lot the more I use and wash it... I think eventually it'll turn into one of those accessories I just toss on to complete an outfit...

I currently have 3 projects to go, the Classic Socks, the Saroyan Scarf (I cast on earlier this week!), and the Hoarfrost Moebius (It's technically a knitalong with a couple of friends, so depending on when we start, I may have to choose a different project).  The Clapotis may be it...

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