Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011: The Year of Process and Product!

Hello dear readers and fellow fiberphiles,

I have been a very bad blogger… a very bad one indeed.  It’s been ages since my last blog post, and I fear that my already meager readership has suffered (I don’t think any one really reads this, but I don’t do this to be read… or to become famous… I do it merely as a way to keep track of all my thoughts, processes, and of course… my failures!)

My Queue, and my stash have both managed to beef up in my nearly two months of going dark here on Blogger.  It seems that I have fallen off the proverbial wagon in terms of my goals and resolutions.  Suffice it to say, I’ve been a very busy little boy with the major holidays and the multitude of knitting that I’ve been trying (so desperately trying…) to accomplish.  Sadly, I don’t have much to show.  A smattering of small projects here and there…  but my major projects have fallen by the wayside.  My v-neck Cardigan, has had quite a few setbacks… making it extremely late for the holidays… and it looks like it won’t be completed until mid to late January (I am NEVER making a striped anything ever again!)

I am seriously contemplating ripping out my 22 Leaves Shawlette as I have come to realize that I am not in love with the finished piece and really don’t know anyone who I could give it to… at least not anyone who I seriously think would wear it… so it may just get ripped out… or I could have it sit there another few months till I get around to actually finishing clue 5.

My Clapotis has been collecting major dust. It hasn’t been touched in FOREVER….

I am proud to say, however, that I have joined the 12 in 2011 group on Ravelry, and hope to accomplish 12 projects in my queue (things that I already have yarn for in my stash, of course!) 

So, as this will most likely be my last entry for 2010… I’ve decided to list out my resolutions:

1. Maintain my yarn stash to take up no more than 2 large tubs (still a pretty sizable amount, but enough to keep me from feeling like a n00b knitter)
2. Finish all 12 of my 12 in 2011 projects (technically there are 15 items on the list, I’d like to finish just 12, but all 15 would be awesome.)
3. Lose 15 lbs
4. Decrease my fabric stash to fit in one under-bed tub (if you think my yarn stash is ridiculous, my fabric stash is worse… a yard or 2 of Fabric is sooooo much more inexpensive than a ball of yarn!)

I think these will keep me busy for most of the year. 

A lot of the projects that I completed this year have really taught me a few things about myself.  I’ve really come to the conclusion that I am more of a product knitter versus a process knitter.  I am very invested in how the final product will turn out, albeit I do experience a great deal of satisfaction from the actual act of knitting (process!), nothing gives me more pleasure than blocking/finishing an item then wearing out!  Knowing this about myself, I did notice a lot of foibles in how I knit.  Gauge is one of them.  I need to be a bit more diligent with measuring gauges, and blocking swatches.  A big reason why I love knitting lace and small accessories is the fact that gauge is negligible.  Can’t really do that with garments.  So my queue for next year is pretty garment heavy. No more rush rush rush through a project.  Slow and steady at the beginning, then a mad dash for the finish (no cutting corners, though!).  So my number 5 resolution really is to hone my skills as a knitter, and to take it much more seriously. It looks like 2011 is the year of process (Resolution number 5!) AND the year of product (resolution number 2!)

We’ll see what the New Year brings.